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The Havens does not usually make New Year’s Resolutions.   It is an artificial beginning, the start of the Gregorian Calendar.  When I was a girl, my Baha’i family celebrated Naw Ruz, which was the Baha’i New Year and occurred on the Vernal Equinox.

To my naive child eyes, it made a lot more sense to celebrate the new year when the rest of nature was celebrating it, as the deep snows of winter began to melt and buds began to swell.   Well, at least that was happening down in Boulder.   Up in the mountains at 8411 feet elevation, spring was  distant glimmer of hope.   We were still skiing and sledding and ice skating.   But  no matter.

I was over at Charlotte’s Web, and she had a list of resolutions that made a lot of sense to me.   Actually, they seemed more like stated goals than resolutions, but, as someone famous once said, “What’s in a name?”

Anyway, she inspired me to renew my “Books I Have Read” report.   I did this in 2007 (was it really four whole years ago???), and started to do it in 2008 but quit when I got so far behind that I gave up and deleted the whole page.

So, check it out.  Up in the right corner under “Pages”.

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