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snowy day

We received some badly needed moisture in the form of a snow flurry here this afternoon.  The yard was very busy.

Full feeders . . .

You have to use your imagination on that one, but trust me.   There are no less than four birds on each of those hanging feeders.

Take a closer look at the ground beneath the feeder.

Okay, I’m playing with the camera now.  Let’s see what we get if we zoom in on it.

There’s not enough room on the ground under the feeders, or on them.   There is a line waiting for their turn at the “trough” in the elm.

The wisteria on top of the arbor right outside the back door is very popular too.  My cameras do not understand the concept of focusing through screen, so I have not been able to capture this vine in its full glory of avian adornment.    The three finches who remained in the shot after I opened the back door to come outside are used to our ins and outs and not as flighty as the other little birds that had been sharing their perch not seconds before.

And so it goes.

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On being a stalker

I find I have achieved a new status on the internet.   I have been labelled as a stalker by my old friend Azahar.

So interesting to read her post.   Of course, it is a story from her point of view.   She says:  “This is a person who unceremoniously dumped me as a friend by email several months back”  The vitriolic emails which she sent to me are conveniently not mentioned.   Sorry, I can’t quote them, as I deleted them long ago.

I broke up with her?   No, I stopped replying to the emails, and indicated that I thought continuing the exchange was futile.   Rather than continue the fruitless email exchange, which was only going worse and worse, I stopped emailing her.   Stupidly, I thought to show her that I didn’t hate her by continuing to visit her blog and to make friendly, innocuous and non-judgmental comments.

This earned me spam status.   Oh, and another vitriolic email.

My latest crime was to visit her blog, along with just about every other blog that participates in the Saturday Photohunt, and dare to leave a comment about her Mediterranean diet post.   The whole comment:   “Looks delicious.”  Doesn’t that sound like a troll, a flamer, a stalker?   I did this despite being aware that I am considered less than dirt, because I try to comment on every Photohunt post I visit.   Somehow it didn’t feel right to not try to communicate.

And yes.   I fell from grace, tempted by the ThreeWords.me venue.   I said “Holds grudges well”.   This is patently obvious from her treatment of both me and Daisyfae.   I should not have said it, even if it was true, because it doesn’t pass the three rules test:  Is it necessary?   Is it nice?   Is it true?   It wasn’t necessary and it wasn’t nice.   It was wrong and unkind.  Even though it IS true, I’m sorry I said it.  It lowered me.

Not only have I been labelled, but I have also been threatened.   I’m not sure what I am being threatened with, but apparently Azahar has friends who can cook my goose.  Or something.

“Does this person not have a life, do they not know how to move on?”  she asks.  Oh, I have a life all right.   A very good one, which is one of the things I think makes her so angry at me.   I continue to visit her blog because despite what she thinks, I do not hate her.   I wish her well.   And it was completely due to her suggestion and guidance that I ever became a blogger, or even remotely internet literate.  So I feel a certain gratitude, which makes it hard to move on.  But I can.

And I believe in forgiveness, have forgiven her her vitriol and hatred.   Carrying grudges has detrimental effects on your health.  So I try not to do this.

But I am a stalker.   Anathema.   Persona non grata.  The world according to Azahar.

To quote Kurt Vonnegut:  “Alackaday, and f*ck my luck.”

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