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Friday follies

I’m happy to report that I am much recovered from the respiratory virus which attacked me Monday night.

I have spent the last couple of days in a drug induced haze.   Interesting how my body deals with a decongestant.   After I take one, about half an hour later, it kicks in and my sinuses magically clear.   About fifteen minutes later, my body decides that it doesn’t really care to listen to the instructions of an alien chemical, and the nose continues to run, although at a slower rate of speed than pre-drug, and my sinuses fill with some sort of congealed crap, but not to the point of pain.

About 3 hours after I take the drug, which is usually 1 to 3 hours before the drug manufacturer thinks I need another dose, my very efficient liver filters the last of the substance out of my bloodstream and in some sort of vengeful spate, my nose proceeds to run like a faucet.

I was at the faucet stage, choking and snuffling and coughing, at about 1 in the morning last night.   My dear husband did not say anything as he got up from the bed to visit the facilities, but I knew I had awakened him in my travail.  Feeling it was totally unfair to him that my cold, which despite the fact I got it from him, should keep him from sleeping when the arising time is so early.   So I moved to the couch, and slept well without further drugs.   The position allowed my sinuses to drain and the sleeping bag was cozy.

I had some dreams, no doubt fueled by the remains of the decongestant and expectorant I had been ingesting freely in the previous days.   One involved a party of wild young ones who had spiked the punch with some unspecified drug which I did not want to take but did unknowingly.  It seemed rather psychedelic in nature from what I recall of the dream, and I wasn’t pleased to be dosed without my consent.

Then there was a part of the dream where I was earnestly explaining to one young lady the importance to ones relationship of having good containers for leftovers, which included a demonstration of the proper closing of the lids of the same.   Later on I was in a car that was stuck in a snowy, icy parking lot, and where I was interviewed by a passing female cop as to my state of inebriation (I maintained my innocence) the upshot of which was the cop secreted herself in the trunk of the car.   I woke up confused.  I have no idea what this all means.

I managed to lose my coffee cup this morning while stumbling around in the early pre-dawn.   After a strenuous search I found it on my bedside table, empty.   I have no recollection of going that far into my bedroom after I had gotten up.

Maybe my liver isn’t as efficient as I thought.

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