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Photohunter: Shadow

The theme this week is shadow.   Of course, there is some very famous philosophy about shadows, written by Plato, which if you understand the discussion is supposed to give you some basis for a philosophical discussion about the nature of reality and how humans perceive it.

And Robert Louis Stevenson wrote a wonderful children’s poem entitled “My Shadow”, which my mother used to recite to us on a regular basis.

I have a little shadow

That goes in and out with me.

And what could be the use of him

Is more than I can see.”

I love shadows.   I love the shadows inside flowers. . .

The shadows of insects often have a magical quality, especially when you notice that the shadow of their wings often indicates the transparency of them.   Like this dragonfly and wasp:

I spent a lot of time one day trying to get a good image of the shadow grasses were casting on stone in my garden.

I’m not sure I’m quite finished with that study.

One day the shadows being cast on the snow by the garden tools hanging on the rack in the vegetable garden captivated me.

And I have spent quite a bit of time on the geometric patterns of the slats of my garden benches too.

Another subject that probably is not quite exhausted just yet.

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