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Today the photohunt theme is “Hands.”

I have a few photos that feature hands.   Probably one of my favorite is one that I have featured on this blog before, a tiny butterfly perched on my friend Jeri’s hand when we were floating one day.

Here are some artisan hands, the hands of my husband, pointing the mortar in the wall of our strawberry bed.

My hand, pointing to a tiny cricket frog on the river bank, to give scale.

Just married hands. . .

Musical hands. . .

My father’s hands, on his 80th birthday.   They are 6 years older now, and if possible, even more gnarled and worn.

I think about the thousands of miles those hands sat on a steering wheel, driving him to work so we could eat and have a home to live in, or to take us to miraculously beautiful places where we hiked and camped and backpacked.   I think of those hands clinging to mountain rock as he climbed, or holding a ski pole, or tools to fix the vehicles, or a hammer to put a new roof on the house, or an axe to split wood.   How many words came out from a pen those hands held, how many calculus equations were solved, how many antennas and other electronic things designed?   How many cats and dogs tenderly caressed?

I think of a video that was taken of him back in the 60s when he was on the Northwest Cape of Australia testing the VLF antennas there.    They climbed the central tower, over a thousand feet high, and at the top, with the NW Cape spread below him and the ocean in the distance, he stood at the top of the tower flapping his hands and dancing in the wind, as if he was a bird ready to fly.   (Yes there was a safety line. . .)

Other people are participating in Photohunter too.   Find them here.

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