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Photohunt: fashion

A new set of themes is coming up on photohunt.   Some exciting stuff is coming up down the line.  Today our subject is “fashion.”

I am singularly unqualified to talk about fashion, as fashion and I have not been friends since the long ago days when the epitome of high fashion was that model known as “Twiggy,” whose claim to fame was her big eyes and her 32″-21″-32″ figure.   I had hips, luscious breasts, normal sized eyes and unruly curly hair.  I knew I was doomed to fashion hell as soon as I saw the first images of Twiggy.   Additionally, my choices of color combinations were interesting, to say the least.   My very favorite outfit was an orange jumper coupled with a magenta sweater.

At present I have about 16 skirts and a bunch of tops that go with them, plus several very nice dresses, but generally you will find me attired in a pair of comfortable knitted slacks (with pockets!) paired with a t-shirt or a polo shirt and with or without a sweater depending on how cold it is.  At least nowadays my color choices are not quite so radical.

We had a snowstorm recently, and for some reason that motivated me to clean the floors in the kitchen and mud room.   Probably I was forced to do that because the mud room was living up to its name and I couldn’t stand it any more.   Anyway, this time I actually moved the shoes from their place under the coat rack and washed the rugs.  For some reason, I decided that I would take a picture of our shoe collection.   Actually, I should say the boot collection.

This is the pile of boots that live in the utility room.   They live there because I have no desire for them to travel further into the house than that.   Ever.

Over half of those shoes are mine.   The first set of rubber boots on the left are Jim’s as are the first pair of work boots in front.   The brown shoes are his, and the boots on the far right in the back are also his.   The rest of this footwear is all mine.

The situation isn’t much more high fashion in the more “formal” of my footwear, which can be found in the bedroom closet:

Oh look.   Another pair of boots.

What is not pictured are my wet suit booties, which I use as river shoes in the spring and fall when the water is cold, and the river shoes that I use the rest of the time.   Those are out in the carport closet, and I didn’t feel like digging them out.

Anyway, that is my take on fashionable foot wear.   It all fits, it is comfortable, and it serves my purpose.  And if that isn’t what fashion is about, then I have no use for it.

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Make no mistake.   These pictures were all taken when it was averaging 13º F out.

This is what happens if you shovel your driveway early and often.

It helps that we are on a south slope.   Take a look across the street at our rental house.   Those young folks probably spent the weekend all cozy in bed.   No outdoor exercise for them.

Notice how convenient the cracks in the pavement are for these finches.   There are lots of seeds trapped there, that is where I throw the results of my deadheading in the fall.

Trust me, the driveway was busy with all sorts of birds all day long, gleaning and pecking and fluttering about.  They also enjoyed the seedheads on the black eyed susans in the front garden.

Turn around and walk past the espaliers and the vineyard to see the labyrinth pattern in the snow drifts.

If you rotate approximately 90 degrees to your right from the labyrinth view, you have a clear shot at the thistle seed feeder by the wood shed, where we just did all that pruning of mock orange.

That’s my dining room window in the back ground.   That is where I have the perfect view of these feeders:

There was sculptural stuff going on out in the back yard.

This is how the vegetable garden looked when I first tromped out there and dug out the gate.

I got the coldframes dug out.  After a certain amount of effort.

Please notice that my shovel head is completely buried in the snow as it leans against the tomato cages.

Ruby caught the side of her foot in the ice of a puddle last week and broke her toe nail.   That caught on the crusts of the drifts while she was tearing around out there yesterday, and so this morning I had to cut the broken toenail off and trim the ragged edge.   The quick bled a little so we wrapped it up with a sterile guaze pad.   Her foot is sore but it is much better now thank you.   Poor doggie.

Not a great deal of massage going on this week.   People seem to still be snowed in.   And there appears to be a little more on the way.   I’m trying to influence the weather patterns for weekend after this to give me clear sailing for my flight to Costa Rica.   Visualizing a nice cold sunny day with no appreciable winds.   However, I bow to the truth that it will still be winter when I am trying to leave.  So I’m just hoping for good stuff.

However, I do have a client coming this morning, she’s running a little late.

That’s okay.

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