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Sometimes I feel like my life epitomizes the metaphor used in the old movies to denote time passing:  the calendar pages slipping off the peg and sliding onto the floor in a pile.

The things I have been doing since I last posted!    I probably can’t even list them, but right at the top is the fact that I just cleaned my back bathroom fairly thoroughly because (since it was his day off) Jim replaced the sink faucet in there, which had been dripping steadily for several weeks.   In the process of the job, which also involved replacing the stopper apparatus and both cut off valves (which were frozen in extreme old-age arthritic decrepitude).  Everything had to come out from the cabinet under the sink in order for the worker to be able to crawl in there.  There is an impressive array of first aid equipment under there, along with quite a collection of various hand made soaps and several years accumulation of crud, among other things that shall remain unlisted.

But I would say that the proper term for what happened to that room was it became filthified.

So I purified it.

I also have been at rapt attention in front of numerous tutorials on Art Journaling, which I found over at Wild Precious Studio, my new passion as far as favorite web pages go.   This is a circle of artists that nurture their own creativity and the creative soul of the people who associate with them.   It is a kind a lovely spot on the internet, and quite inspirational.    I fear that I will be inspired to go shopping, as I now have a want list of materials that isn’t quite as long as my arm.   Fortunately, I do have some things to start with, so I can get busy soon.   Meanwhile, I did cut into my new paper and make a couple of cards, one of which still needs embellishing.   The other one has already been used since I made it specifically for Jim for the anniversary of the day we met 29 years ago.

I was trying to express the immediate sense of connection we had the moment we laid eyes on each other.

Let’s see, what else has been going on?  I wrote a poem, which needs some polishing.  Lots of massage happened, with the associated laundry floating through the house.  Our wonderful niece came and spent the weekend with us and made us an unbelievably wonderful lemon raspberry tart in a lemon butter tart crust.   Jim made us tempura onion rings for dinner one night, too.   Amazingly enough, in the past two weeks I have actually lost 3 pounds.   Go figure.

I had to buy new shoes, my old cross trainers wore out.  I felt sincerely like they should have lasted longer than 6 months, but athletic shoes just don’t stand up to the life they lead on my feet.  In all fairness, I don’t think the researchers at New Balance have any inkling of what constitutes “cross training” in my lexicon. . .

The garden is coming along.    These are the baby lettuces from Cook’s Garden Spring Lettuce Mix.

In a few weeks we’ll be eating them.   While I was taking this picture I was being harangued by this fellow, laying claim to the plum thicket which is maybe 20 feet north of the vegetable garden fence.

We’ve been going through a whirlwind  of weather lately.   We have experienced rain, gale force winds, sunny weather, grey gloomy days, and the temperatures have ranged from 88°F  to 28.    In other words, normal weather for spring in the Ozarks.

It got warm enough to cause the snakes to emerge.   This is the female garter snake that was hanging around last year.   Apparently she made it through the winter just fine.

We’ve been deeply involved in processing last year’s garlic also, separating the heads into cloves and peeling them.  We alternate batches:  chopping it for freezing one time and roasting it the next.

I also spend quite a lot of time wandering around the yard looking for things to delight the eye.   These shots were taken in the front “lawn” one dewy morning last week.

The labyrinth and savanna from the gate beside the house.

Last night a male great horned owl perched in the pine trees by the pond and proceeded to spend the next hour calling.   For about ten minutes I could hear a female answering him.    I hope what he was saying was “Hey, Baby!   Come on and live over here, I just had a fantastic rabbit dinner!”

I left my bedroom window open so I could listen to them calling back and forth, and fell asleep in between owl sentences.   I woke up at about 3 a.m. freezing almost to death since the temperature had dropped so much during the night.


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