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Once the wedding was over, I went out to where The Kitten formerly known as Jewel was enjoying life on the farm with her mother.  She was old enough to be on her own, and so I brought her home.

The first day she was here, it became evident that perhaps we had been precipitate in picking her appelation.   In fact, we have large vase formed of copra that Jim acquired in the Philippines years ago.   She insisted on climbing it, falling into it several times before we decided that perhaps it would be better if we turned it over.

She still likes to climb it — and everything else.

Interviewer:   “Why do you climb the copra vase, little one?”

Kitten:   “Because it is there!”

And so, she earned the name “Mallory” after George Mallory.

She has been here since Wednesday, and the relationship between her and Ruby is progressing.

In fact, she views Ruby as her new mother.   It was very strange at first, as Ruby is the same color as her mother, and it apparently was very confusing that the furry warm being that was around had suddenly gotten so LARGE.

However, that did not deter her from viewing the canine person as her mother.   And at the end of the day, she felt the need for a Mama fix.  Oddly enough, Ruby was quite cooperative with this activity, much more cooperative than when the kitten was killing her tail or chewing on her feet.

I guess that the Mama fix was only comfort needed for the first few days she was away from her real mother, because today she hasn’t felt the need.   But I thought it was awfully sweet the few days it was going on.

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These are all images taken by Niece Alexandra during the time leading up to the big wedding and the day itself.   We have no pictures of our own during the actual ceremonies and most of the festivities because we were fully involved in the events ourselves.  I downloaded my camera yesterday and discovered that I managed to get only seven pictures during the wedding day itself.   I admit that I was busier than a hive of bees that day, decorating and all that.

We really had a wonderful time, and now the young couple are on their way home back to Georgia.

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The kids went to Springfield to shop for wedding shoes for Lynette and to celebrate Zoey’s birthday.   They took her to lunch, a movie, and I don’t know what all else.   While they were gone Jim and I had some very quality time together.

Before breakfast, I walked Ruby her usual 3 1/5 miles.   When I got back, Jim had made the cake part of the birthday cake and had it in the oven.   When it came out, Alex toasted the bagels she very fore-sightedly purchased yesterday.   We enjoyed our breakfast together very much.

Right before dinner, while Jim was putting the finishing touches on the pasta, the skies provided us with a most wondrous show.

That is our group of beautiful and very willing minions under an honest to goodness double rainbow.

A blessing on our house.

I finished an art journal page today.   It took long enough, considering all the preparations we have been making.

I’m pretty sure the wedding photographer is going to be amazed by the gardens.  They are very wonderful right now, and so far we have managed to avoid the catastrophe of hail.

Still have my fingers crossed. . .

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I have been sitting back taking in some of the rhetoric and “comedy” that has been on the air waves since the United States made its inroad into Pakistan.  It has all seemed rather crass and brassy to me.   In spite of myself, there have been a couple of jokes that made me laugh, but mostly I found it all un-funny in the extreme.

The other day I ran across a quote on Sue O’Keiffe’s blog, Sacred Circle Mandalas, and I have taken the liberty of posting it here.

“I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King was onto something here.

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These are the first picking this year of strawberries from the new strawberry bed.  Mmmmmmmmm.

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