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It is my birthday today, I will be 58 officially shortly after dinner time.

The day began quite early, as it is a work day for Jim, so we got up at our usual pre-dawn arousal time of 4:30 a.m.   After we had a bit of coffee, and before he left for work, he took me out to present my birthday present to me.  It wasn’t really a surprise, since he asked me what I wanted and he has a tendency to get exactly what I ask for.   It is a new garden swing, to replace the one he got me about 10 years ago, which the squirrels have been mining for polyester batting with which to insulate their nests.

He gave it to me that early because it was in the bed of the truck, and he knew that I was going to be taking Ruby for her walk very early on in the day, and he wanted to see my pleasure.   When he gets home from work, we’ll probably set it up.

I did go off to walk the dog, it was a pleasantly cool morning with a nice breeze, so the mosquitoes weren’t too bad.   Sunrise was not particularly colorful, but the presence of storms in the area made the light very interesting.

Came across a box turtle making her way into the meadow for her breakfast.   I could swear she was telling me “Happy birthday.”

So we had a lovely walk, and returned to the house to find that there was a fanfare of lilies out in front.

Not to be outdone, the Little Mouse Ears hostas in back were also trumpeting a welcome to the dawn.

A passing monarch butterfly stopped for a portrait.   She continued on over to the milkweed patch in the Petite Prairie for breakfast.

The echinacea around the place are looking quite splendid today.   I think they enjoyed the artificial rain they got yesterday.

I have to get out there and provide a similar service for the vegetable garden today, before we head off to the birthday party.   It isn’t for me, it is for a good friend of ours who shares a birthday with me (and my cousin, for that matter!).   He will be 60 today, and I’m sure he will be receiving some very silly gifts from our friends.  I intend to give him a very cool fossil, which is something he will like a lot but will also carry a “message” of sorts!

Thanks for stopping by today, hope your day is as good as mine is sure to be.

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The photohunt today is “Triangle”.   I had to search long and hard for a suitable image to post, but I did find a fine set of triangles in the frost flower that formed on my pond last winter.

You can find other Photohunters here.

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