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Evening at The Havens

Just a few shots from  today.   I weeded, and I massaged, and I planted flowers,   And I watered because it didn’t rain for us.

My lilies are looking splendid.   This is in front of my bedroom window.

There was a fabulous sunset tonight, courtesy of the smoke from the fires in Arizona.

Mallory fell asleep in my hands today, and Zoey took a picture of us.

I have to go to bed because tomorrow we are going to pick blueberries before we start cleaning the ceiling of the house across the street.  I was going to paint before they got the vinyl flooring down, but now that we have decided to spend an extra night in Kansas City, I’m afraid the painting might not get finished.  But I can be a very neat painter and not spill on the new floor if it works out that way.






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