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The colchicums are blooming again.


These are the ones by my culinary herb garden.   There are some out front coming along too.

I planted them a long time ago because I love having things that bloom reliably in the fall.  I also have fall blooming crocuses, which include the saffron crocus, but they haven’t shown themselves quite yet.  That is as it should be, the crocuses generally are later than the colchicums.

Another fall blooming bulb that is getting ready to go is the sternbergia, which is also known as the lilies of the field.   They have buds, but no color yet.   They are the most amazing yellow, and I swear that this year I am going to get decent pictures of them.   This may actually occur because last spring I moved them from behind the peonies, in which spot they bloomed beautifully but were so well hidden by the bulk of the peony leaves that usually they were done before I noticed them.

Right after I got home I made stock, and while it was boiling and I was stirring it I noticed that the chicken carcass in the pot had an intact wishbone.   Usually that winds up broken during the deconstruction of the chicken, but this time it was roasted whole and the wishbone survived.   I pulled it out and cleaned it off and put it in the kitchen window to dry for a few days.

Last night, I decided it was time to break the wishbone; a charming tradition where two people grab the two open ends of the bone, make a wish, pull on the opposite ends and when it breaks the person who has the larger half is supposed to have their wish come true.   I invited Jim to join me in this little tradition, since a little silliness seemed in order to lighten the mood, which has been rather somber of late.

We made our wishes, I wished for Jim to find healing for his emotional pain.  We pulled and — SNAP!  Both “legs” broke off the center, which flew off into the middle of the kitchen floor, and when we compared the leg ends, they were the same length.

Well, of course I demanded to know what Jim’s wish was.   He looked a little funny, but I insisted.   He told me, “I wished that I would get through this.”

No wonder the wishbone couldn’t decide who to grant their wish to, since we were both wishing for the same thing!

I believe our wishes will come true, too.

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