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I took my camera along yesterday while I was walking Ruby.

She had a grand time.   The other day when we were walking, we were playing the stick game when a group of runners approached.   So I gathered her up and put her on her leash, an action which instantly causes her to drop whatever stick she is carrying at the time.   I’m not sure why she can’t carry a stick and be on the leash at the same time, but there it is.   Anyway, yesterday as we were transiting the spot where we had become leashed and de-sticked, she found the old stick right where she left it.

Now, that is a very happy dog.

The turkeys and deer are going to be happy this winter and fall too.  The acorn crop is exceptional this year.

Last year there were hardly any, and things got pretty tight during the cold part of the year.   But I figure next spring we will have some fat and happy turkeys.

The tall prairie grasses are in bloom right now.   This is a Sorgastrum and I am enthralled with how colorful the flower bracts and anthers are.

The poke weed is colorful too.

Here’s another thing that enthralled me while I was walking.   This is an oak leaf, which is turning color.   But some small caterpillar came along and munched the soft part of the leaf leaving the veining behind, and I just loved how this looked with the super macro lens.

I came across a group of Monarch butterflies taking a nectar break during their migration.   I used my zoom function to get some shots of them from about ten feet away.   If you try to get much closer than that, they leave the area, paranoid souls that they are.

It wasn’t until I got home and uploaded the camera to the computer that I discovered that there was another pollinator enjoying the thistles right along with the butterflies.   Just happened to catch the sweat bee along with the butterfly, and I was so far away I didn’t even know it was in the area!

Serendipity is a wonderful thing!


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