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Those of you who have been following The Havens are aware that we are going on vacation in the near future.

Actually, that can be amended to the VERY NEAR future!   We are actually flying off on Sunday.   We have our house/cat/dog sitter arranged for, with an appropriately lengthy list written.

This time around we decided to use a luggage forwarding service and send our big bag with the formal clothes and stuff we were only going to want on the cruise ship ahead.   Yesterday we got an email notifying us that our luggage had arrived at our port of embarkation.   So, I can honestly say that my clothes are already on vacation, enjoying the Mediterranean climate, but probably  not eating tapas at a local restaurant.   Or, I HOPE they aren’t eating tapas!   I’d hate it if my formal gown got too fat for me to wear!

Actually, the whole luggage forwarding thing got to be very confusing for Ruby, who KNOWS what packing means and she doesn’t like it!   So, in preparation for the bag being shipped, one day a couple of weeks ago, we laid out everything that was planned to go into it  so we would know that a.) it all fit and b.) that the bag would not weigh too much.    Needless to say, this activity sent poor Ruby into a tailspin of depression:   “You are packing, it is so wrong!  You are going to go away and leave me.”  Insert sad puppy dog eyes here.

So, we packed, we weighed, we rejoiced.    Everything fit and the whole thing was FAR below the 50 lb. maximum.   Then we unpacked and put it all away.

Ruby was confused.

Then we packed it all up again a couple of days ago.    Sad puppy dog eyes, histrionic sighing, etc. were once again her role.   Then the FedEx guy came and collected the bag and it went away, and we were still here.

Ruby was dumfounded, befuddled, and ultimately relieved.

I’m not sure she will believe us when we pack our carry on bags tomorrow.   We are going to a big blues jam party at a friend’s place Saturday afternoon and evening, so she’ll probably think it is all a big false alarm again.

Boy is she going to be upset when we actually leave on Sunday morning and don’t come back.

Mallory has a feather fetish and this morning discovered my prayer stick on my altar, which she had systematically started denuding of its feather decoration.   I have reconstructed it, it is somewhat the worse for wear.   But the whole concept of the prayer stick is to remind me of important things and events of our lives, and so in later years the disheveled feathers will remind me of Mallory.

I did NOT kill her, although the impulse was there for a moment when I exited my bedroom at 3:17 a.m. on the way to making coffee for Jim, and discovered her rolling about in fevered abandon amidst the shredded remains of my prayer stick.

Life goes on, and we have made a lot of progress with our therapist and are looking forward to down time on the vacation to talk some of the things we have learned over.

I’m not sure I’ll get around to making another post before we leave….

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