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The bees settled into their new home without incident.    With beginner’s luck, I managed to get the queen neatly into the new hive and everyone seems to be happy about the situation.

Accordingly, a couple of days after we captured the swarm, I donned my borrowed bee suit and proceeded out to the new hive to replace the frames I had removed to effect the capture.

As you can clearly see in the above photo, the bees were completely unfazed by my activities.   In fact, the bee suit seemed extraneous.

After my visions of bees boiling up out of the hive busily attacking me and defending their territory, their complete disinterest in my presence, the fact the top had been removed from the hive, and that I was messing around with it was quite the anticlimax.

So, we have acquired a couple of books on beekeeping from the library to hold us until I can get something shipped from Amazon.   The book I was reading this morning starts right off telling you that you most likely do not need a bee suit at all.   I’m inclined to agree after my experience the other morning.

In other news, I was looking at the shrubs at the side of the house; a couple of box bushes that came with the place when we bought it.   They have mostly been completely unattended to, and so they look rather unkempt at the moment.   Additionally, the ajuga was blooming vociferously when we mowed the area, so we left it alone, and needless to say, the grass took full advantage.

I went over there to sort of tame the unruly wild oats and contemplate pruning the box.   I was bent over at my task when a bird exploded out of the bush right by my head and hustled over to the fence, where she began to tell me all about how awful I was in no uncertain terms.

Of course, nosy parker that I am, I immediately investigated the box bush, and this is what I found, right at chest level.

Needless to say, I won’t be pruning that shrub for a few weeks.

The snowball bush out by the Petite Prairie is pretty spectacular right now, as is the Hosta Dell.

But nothing can quite compare to the specacularity of the interior of iris “Pagan Dance” in the early morning sun.

Unless possibly it is the interior of this un-named burgundy beauty that one of my friends gave me a couple of years ago.

In my not-so-humble opinion, there is nothing quite as fabulous as the interior of an iris bloom with the morning sun illuminating it.


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