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Walked around the gardens today in search of something nifty to get a shot of.   I will have to go back outside to try again with the skullcap.   Apparently it is hard to get it in focus…

However, the Jose select wheat grass, one of tha tall grass prairie plants, is blooming right now.  The splotch of color in the background is the day lily garden


Out in the vegetable garden, the beans are making a Mighty Jungle.   Look how many blossoms they have!  We are going to have a bumper crop.  Goodie!  After the bust last year, we are ready for a good crop of green beans.


One of the things I apparently inherited from my father was a need to haul rocks home.   I have posted about that before, seeing myself as a force of nature at times.   Anyway, he certainly was another transporter of rocks in a rather large way.   He was always bringing me rocks from his travels, and many of them found their way into my labyrinth.

After his death, I decided I wanted to make a cairn in his honor, and I bethought myself of all the rock gifts I had received over the years from him.   I still had the rock I brought him during the last week of his life.  I got permission from my mother to take some of the rocks he had acquired during his life and had scattered around his house.  It took me over a year since his death, but finally I achieved my aim and have created the cairn in his honor.   I think it looks rather good.



That rock down towards the left bottom just to the left of the piece of coral that has the hole in it is the rock I brought him from Bennett Spring, mentioned in the last link.

This truly is a World Rock pile, I know that it has rocks from all over the US, but I also know that there is rock from Norway, and Australia, and Sicily.   Who knows where the others came from?    They were not labeled, but I suspect just like me, my dad knew exactly where every one  of them came from.

I suppose I should make a catalog of my special rocks for my descendants.

Hahahahaha.   Like that job will ever get to the top of any list I make.

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