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Merry Christmas!

And Happy Holidays, Joyous Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukah, Happy Solstice, Joyeaux Noel, Mele Kalikimaka, etc. etc. etc.

Now we are off to see the Grandkids open their presents!

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My new addiction

So, to those of you who used to follow me here, if you are still around, this is one of the things I have been deeply involved with, mixed media art journaling.   It is a certainty that you will see more posts like this one, wherein I share my abstract art addiction.

I may even venture into the process blog.  I wouldn’t expect any videos any time soon as I am definitely not set up for that.  I have made videos but the editing of them has escaped my meager computer talents.  I feel grateful that I am able to crop my still photos!

Anyway, in the intervening time when I was NOT blogging, I was doing a LOT of art journal pages.  This is a few of them.




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freezing rain

It has been incredibly dry here in the Ozarks starting in July.  We did get a bit of rain in late August, and little dribs and drabs here and there.  But along about November the weatherpeople started mentioning that we had entered a drought situation.

A few days ago, we were teased by a storm that flew by and dropped a whole half inch of rain in about 10 minutes, and a few days later we were graced with 2 tenths of an inch.  Not enough to help.

I found myself saying out loud one day as I was walking the dog in the desiccated woods, “Man oh man, we need some rain bad!  I want to see water falling from the sky here, and I don’t care if it is rain, sleet or snow.  I’ll even take freezing rain at this point.”

Someone must have been listening.   While the quantities are not really enough to be a drought breaker, at least we got some water from the sky.

First it rained all afternoon and most of the evening.  Of course it chose to do this on the day of our Solstice party, which meant that no one really wanted to stand out by the fire…  There was a certain amount of in and out during the party even so, as it became very warm and people went outside for relief.   Also, we had the sauna fired up so some people were going out there to use it and then coming back in.

There was a certain amount of mud on the floor after the party.  No big deal, it is gone now.

Happily, the temperature did not drop into the range where rain turns to freezing rain until long after all my guests had returned home.   And then even later in the night the freezing rain changed to snow.  We are extremely grateful that the ice accumulation was just a smidgen, not enough to break branches and interfere with power transmission lines.

There is a certain beauty in these weather phenomena.  We had a magical sunset scene last night.

And this morning a cardinal decorated the sand cherry for a fleeting moment.


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Gathering of friends

Cleaned the house…  Jim cooked a turkey…  I made cookies… Got the sauna hot…  Built a nice fire in the fire circle…DSCF6366

Our friends gathered here tonight to celebrate the season, and the 80th birthday of one of our core group.   Fantastic food, good cheer.  Lots of presents exchanged.

We were blessed by the weather finally changing and it rained all evening, still is.  We are SO grateful, it has been very very dry here.

Hope everyone is all cocked and primed for a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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coming back

I’ve been sucked into Facebook for far too long.   I intend to start blogging again forthwith.  I miss the blog…and I guess the blog has been missing me.

It will be a sort of slow start because shortly after Christmas for a while I will be off line.  But don’t worry.

I’m back…DSCF2022.JPG

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