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It is hard to believe that the last time I posted here was before Thanksgiving.  I have been on line, too.  But somehow I have been sucked into Facebook and have found myself putting up little blips here and there rather than making a blog post.   I wonder how many other bloggers have been seduced by social media?

Since I posted, it has snowed and thawed several times.   I did get some pretty nifty snow shots during all those events.



We had a real cold snap before Thanksgiving, and the little pond froze with beautiful hoarfrost crystals.


We also had a small ice storm, no big damage although we did have a couple of elm trees that dropped a lot of branches.   The day after the ice covered stuff it was a lovely day and things were already starting to melt.   I took Ruby for a walk and the ice was positively magical.   Everywhere I looked the woods sparkled in rainbow colors.   This phenomenon proved to be shockingly difficult to photograph, but I did get one image that almost conveys how amazing it was out there.


During all this harsh weather, my neighborhood has been living up to its name.   All kinds of little birds, and big birds too, have been enjoying the shelter, food and water The Havens provides.  Actually, there are plenty of mammals also enjoying The Havens along with the avian population.






We had a sumptuous Thanksgiving repast.


At Christmas, Jesse and Lynette were able to get away from their Army duties and bring James to visit us.   They were here for far too short a time, and we loved every minute of it.


I saved The Quilt for a Christmas presentation, even though the kids knew I had made it and had enjoyed hots of it during all stages of creation.   They did not know about the pillow cases or the matching throw pillow, though.   Honestly, I think it makes a pretty impressive bed.


James approved, I believe.



One of my dear friends gave me an amaryllis bulb as a Christmas gift.   This week it started to open.



Today it looks like this:



So now you are somewhat up to date.

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A spider for Synchy

Synchopated Eyeball’s post today inspired me to take one of my spiders outside for a photo shoot.

I think it would look just right on her glass web.

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Just a short post. Our fabulous kids, namely our niece Alex and son Jesse went together and purchased an iPad for Jim.

I am sitting in the comfort of our living room typing away at the virtual keyboard with WordPress on the screen.

As I began this little exercise, my poor husband said, “I’ve lost it…”

All he did was show me how to put a direct link on the screen, and I asked whether I could put my bog on there ….. And the rest is history.

I guess I’d better give it back now. It really is his new toy….

It really is a very cool thing though.

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Flying away


Just a quick note to let you all know that I am off to Costa Rica today, I’ll be there until Sept. 26.

I’m pretty sure that I’ll be able to put a post or two up from there, after all, my buddy is on line too!   Meanwhile, you all stay safe and take care of yourselves.

I just want to leave you with my heartfelt thanks for all the love and support that has come from you during the last few days.  Of all the spots on the interwebs, this little community has some of the nicest people in it!   I’m so glad I’ve had a chance to get to know y’all!

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Photohunt: drink

The theme for photohunt today is “drink”.  My choice today is a shot of a glass of wine that was sitting on the dining room table reflecting the back yard in a very nice way.   The wine itself is a home-made Marechal foch from our very own vineyard.

And in keeping with my “theme within a theme”, here is a January bonfire as seen through a shot glass of our very own homemade limoncello.

I believe I need another cup of coffee…

Other photohunters can be found here.

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The theme this week is “near”.

I had to get very near to the little praying mantis in these shots.  She was hunting on the stem of one of the day lilies this morning.

To carry the theme a little farther out, I would say that my day lily garden is as near to perfect as it ever gets.

Sadly, many of them are nearing the end of their seasonal display.  Good thing I have a few flowers that are nearly ready to open.

Check out the other photohunters here.

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Photohunt: Cards

I like to make cards.   With the advent of the internet and email, hand made cards sent by snail mail seem to be an anachronism.   Still, I like making them and sending them.   I think people like getting them, too.


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