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A spider for Synchy

Synchopated Eyeball’s post today inspired me to take one of my spiders outside for a photo shoot.

I think it would look just right on her glass web.

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Photohunt: Cards

I like to make cards.   With the advent of the internet and email, hand made cards sent by snail mail seem to be an anachronism.   Still, I like making them and sending them.   I think people like getting them, too.


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The photohunt today is “Triangle”.   I had to search long and hard for a suitable image to post, but I did find a fine set of triangles in the frost flower that formed on my pond last winter.

You can find other Photohunters here.

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Long night last night, not much sleep.  The computer is an addiction that sucks me in.  And what is accomplished?

Seems like I have rediscovered the people of my childhood, who feel free to call me names; another place to be the odd man out.

I’m tired of it.

My garden does not call me names.

I’m going now.

You all take care, now.

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Several years ago Carol at May Dreams Gardens proposed that garden bloggers all over the world participate in a monthly event, to be held on the ides of each month, where we would share with each other what was blooming in our gardens on that day.

Who knew how long lasting and popular this was going to be?  This is my 45th posting, the first was in June of 2007.  Once again it is time for the mid-month posting, and for once I have nothing of great interest to show from outside.   It took long enough, but winter finally arrived here in the Ozarks, and we even got snow a couple of days ago.   Several times in the last few days the temperature went down into the single digit Fahrenheit temperatures over night.

Baby, it’s COLD outside. And the wind is blowing.

But inside is another story.   It’s warm enough — 63ºF in this corner where the computer is, and in the living room where the stove is it’s actually a little chillier.  We tend to layer in the house and it isn’t odd to see us with a hat on either, which accounts for my hair style du jour,  which in the interests of vanity I am not sharing with you.

In the interests of promoting a little mid-winter cheer and sharing what seems to be blooming at The Havens today, I present to you:

The Poinsettia

Note the clock in the following picture.   It has one hand and is inscribed with the days of the week.   This has proved to be an indispensable thing for our lives, especially now that Jim’s schedule is so screwy.  He gets Wednesdays and Saturdays off, and we are always watching any television programs the following day.  We see Sunday Night Football on Monday afternoon, Monday Night Football on Tuesdays, Saturday Night Live on Sunday morning, etc.   Thank goodness for our Day Clock, otherwise we would never know what day it is.

There are also other house plants, happy they are not out side right now.

And this is my front entryway sun face, spruced up for the holidays.   The tassel that hangs below it is made of beetle wing cases.  It is shimmery and iridescent and I love it.

For other posts featuring what is blooming around the world, check out  Carol’s blog.

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