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I was wondering what I was going to use for a blog post this morning.   I was completely sucked away from the computer and into my real life yesterday.

With a little help from my niece, I cleaned the tomatoes out of their bed to make way for the garlic.  I have a five gallon bucket of green and partially ripe tomatoes sitting in the kitchen attracting fruit flies right now.   Meanwhile, the garlic is planted:

In the next bed back you can see the tomato cages.   One still has the vines inside it.   I inverted it so the roots are up in the air.  A lot of the tomatoes on those vines will ripen in the next few days.   If you look beyond the tomato cages, you will see some faint green shadow in the bed behind them.   That is the winter greens patch.

Behind that is the bed with the black beans in it.   As soon as we get a forecast that includes frost, we will place the cold frames over these babies.   There are a bunch more seedlings off in the left side of this bed, but you can’t see them because they are only about a day old.  I still need to plant a third generation of lettuce and mesclun mix and some spinach at the far end of the cold frame area.   Behind that you can see the volunteer cornflower seedlings that are colonizing this part of the garden.   They seem to like the gravel in the path quite a lot.

Another project that is in progress right now is the stacking of firewood.  Check out that pile back there.

That is extremely green oak that I am trading for massage with one of my clients.   That stack is about two and half cords.   There will be another two and a half cords delivered towards the end of the week.  That wood will be stacked and season during this winter and we will burn it in 2011.   We also received three cords of nicely seasoned wood that Jim has been splitting and stacking in the wood shed.

That picture also indicates another thing that needs doing.   The garden needs to be deadheaded.   That area behind the sauna is destined to be my nursery area for the perennial flowers I intend to raise for the new front yard project.  I haven’t been blogging about that much, but the plans for the de-lawning of the front yard have been much on our minds.  Perhaps I’ll do a post about that whole thing in the near future.

The rest of the garden seems to be going along beautifully.   I love my fall flowers, they are beautiful.   And it seems like this season is a very “pink” season, contrary to the usual vision of reds and yellows and oranges we tend to think of when we think of autumn.   The colchicums have got to be my favorites.   Such a delicate translucency combined with the ability to thrive in the harshest of conditions.

But they aren’t the only players in the “Pink Game.”   There are cleomes that are in the league.

The dew on the celosia is almost otherworldly:

I was starting to think only flowers whose names start with “c” can play the Pink Game.   But there seem to be no alphabetical limitations; the dianthus are pretty good at it too.

Not everything is pink around here.   The bittersweet berries are looking pretty special.   I’ve had a few finches checking them out.

There is sternbergia blooming right now too.

Well, I need to get out and about.   Time to walk Ruby.   Also, I have two gallons of milk waiting for me down at the dairy.  I’ll bring it home and Jim will make it into fresh mozzarella cheese.

Have a good day.


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