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I have an acquaintance.   I struggle with whether to define this gentleman as a friend because even though I have known him for 17 years and I adore his wife, his politics and religion are so vastly different from mine that I have a hard time feeling that he is “my friend.”

Anyway, the catastrophe that is on-going in the Gulf of Mexico brought to mind a conversation we had a year and a half ago when we crossed swords paths at a party we both attended.   He was going on about how global warming was a big hoax, and so was the concept of Peak Oil.   We shouldn’t be afraid, he orated (in the midst of a company of environmentalists and conservationists, all appalled), to use the resources that God provided for us.   We should be Drilling, baby, drilling; and using the results without any concern for such an idiotic concept as global climate change.   “Peak oil?”  he scoffed.   “There is no oil shortage!   We have oceans of oil, just waiting for us to discover them.”

How ironic that his words have proved to be so true.   We do have an ocean full of oil, getting more full of it every second of every day that that well spewing petroleum is not capped.   The ultimate results are yet to be proven.

And then I saw a thing this morning that really sort of put me over the top.   A link to a blog that is amused by a gadget that you can attach to your pet and this will allow it to “Tweet” to you all day long.   Apparently, we humans have an inexhaustible appetite for resources and power, and I wonder if I am the only person in the world who sees a connection between this sort of frivolity and the market process that empowers the corporations that are despoiling the Gulf of Mexico.   If you demand it, they will supply it.

Yes, this is a small thing, a harmless thing, not important in the big scheme of things.  And really, what is the point?  Why does your cat need to Tweet, why do you need to receive Tweets from your cat?    Anyway, all these infinitesimal small things add up to a huge quantity of resources.   Someone had to manufacture, distribute and provide power for this funny and amusing gadget.  Where will it all end?

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