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We spent a few days down near Corpus Christi, Texas, visiting the Padre Island National Seashore.  It is a truly magical place, a 60 mile long beach you can drive on at low tide when the sand is packed.  This is the view looking south at about mile 15.


It is a fantastic place to walk next to the water and pick shells up.  Unlike many of our national parks, at Padre Island you are allowed to collect shells, no more than five gallons a day.  They must not have anything living in them, including hermit crabs.

It is also an amazing place to watch birds.   While we were down there I saw a golden eagle sail over the dunes one morning.   There were many northern harriers, red tailed hawks, and peregrine falcons hanging around.  This area is one of the places they winter over.   North of the Island is the place where the whooping cranes winter over.  Many sandhill cranes are also in the area.

The week we were there it got so cold that there were a two mornings when all the shore birds had departed for warmer weather.   There were not even any sea gulls, which seemed eerie.

We did see some pelicans, however.   Mostly they were not interested in flying.  The fish had all gone very deep and it wasn’t worth the effort to try to fish.

There were also quite a few grey herons that stuck around.   One day it was quite windy, and I caught a shot of this gentleman with his feathers ruffled.


A couple of days later, the wind had died down but it was still very cold.   One of his brethren was posed heroically against the skyline.


My favorite thing to do was wake up just at dawn and watch the sunrise.  Then take off for a couple of miles on the beach before breakfast.   This was possible because low tide was happening right around dawn during the period we were there.   At high tide, there is no beach to walk on.

There were some grand sunrises.


That day, when I turned around the gibbous moon was smiling at me.


The next day we had another fine sunrise.


That day, the sun was kissing the waves beautifully.


I love the ocean.   Jim and I both miss living next to it.

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Moon I and Moon II

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Esoteric imagery

Yesterday evening as we were driving home from Christmas dinner at my folks house, we saw one of the youngest crescent moons we’ve ever witnessed.   New moon was shortly after noon on the 24th, this was at 5 p.m. on the 25th, a young waxing crescent moon that was only hours old.

A couple of days ago, I caught Mallory in the act of exploring the tree.  I love the expression on her face in the first shot.

Mostly she has been able to leave it alone, although there were a few of the kitten ornaments on the floor on Christmas day.

By the way, unwrapping presents is probably the best idea humans have EVER HAD!

Here are a  couple of images I was moved to take during the cruise.   They don’t really fit into any category.

The first one was taken during our lunch at Fuchal, Madeira.   The dish was an appetizer, melon drizzled with Madeira.   The sun was refracted by my water glass.  I was entranced by the rainbow across my food.

The second was taken late in a meal aboard ship.   We had ordered a special bottle of wine from the Wine Connoisseur’s Collection.  As we were finishing the last bit, I had just swirled the wine in my glass and looked down on the table to see the shadow of the glass of wine projected on the table cloth.  I actually went to our cabin to get the camera so I could capture this rather beguiling image.

Happy Boxing Day!

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What I saw at dawn this morning.   I had to make a blood sacrifice for these photos, the mosquitos were out in force.

Blessed be.

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