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I couldn’t think of anything to title this post.   I am considering that perhaps The Havens will need a name change in the near future.  Out in California, there is a city called Twentynine Palms because when it was settled there were 29 palm trees there.

I’m thinking that we need to change the name of The Havens to Twentynine Thousand Elms:

You see all those little seedlings down along the driveway in this picture?   Those are sprouted elm seeds.   It is like that all over my gardens right now.    Like I need another project:   pulling up elm trees.

While I was throwing water at my lavender bed today, I noticed that one of the shrubs was shaking in a most emphatic manner.   When I moved the branches aside, this is what I saw.

That is a baby rabbit, that was stashed there for nursing purposes by its mamma.   I think it is very interesting that soon after rabbits get past the two inch stage, the mother separates them out of the nest and stashes them in various safe places, then visits them regularly for feeding.   I can see that this would be a good thing because if a predator comes across one baby, it has not come across the whole litter.   It must make for a very busy day for the mother, though.

Anyway, the burden of what this little guy was telling me was something like, “My mommy told me to stay put but it is so WET all of a sudden and I just don’t know what to do now!”

Yes, very wet behind the ears.   And everywhere else, too.   Despite the knowledge that in short order this little bunny will be eating my flowers, I did NOT snap its neck after this picture was taken.   I put him back down in the lavender for his mother to take care of.

I probably was feeling kindly towards all young wild ones this morning as I discovered that the robin nest under my window that I was featuring is empty this morning.   A skunk, raccoon, owl, cat, or snake cleaned it out in the last 24 hours.   Sad.   But we still have lots of robin nests around the place with kiddios, and the parents are starting over again already.   They have chosen and high place in the elm this time, probably it will be better luck for them than a shrub at nearly ground level.

 Out in the vegetable garden, the garter snake was hunting in the lettuces.

This is basically what my father thinks I am right now, since I am part and parcel of the conspiracy to “isolate” him at an apartment in town.    Like he isn’t isolated right now, at the end of a half mile driveway that crosses a hollow and is washed out so badly the only vehicle that can manage it should be a truck, preferably 4 wheel drive.   Like he isn’t isolated now, since all his friends are dead and no one around the neighborhood can stand him because he is so opinionated; even my mother lives in a separate house and doesn’t go to visit him, he goes to visit her.

Oh, he blows hot and cold.   He tells me that he can take care of himself, does just fine, and blows off the suggestion that the fact that he was admitted to the hospital malnourished and dehydrated belies this statement.  Then in the next breath he wants to know what he is going to do for food at the apartment  if he is” isolated” in town.  This is because deep in his heart he knows the only square meals he gets are the ones my mother prepares for him, and if he’s in town she won’t be catering for him.   Jim and I will be, but he doesn’t know that yet.

I am taking note of all this experience.   I will give Jesse a link to these blog posts so he can show them to me when I get old and difficult and need help and am insisting that I can do it all myself.

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At the risk of seeming to become a cliche, I am starting to feel a little like Mr. McGregor and Elmer Fudd rolled into one persona.  Although I have the hoe, I am without the lisp; I am certainly starting to wish for the double barreled shotgun, or at least a .22 with a silencer.  (Since I reside within the city limits, the gendarmes are wont to investigate the sound of gunfire, hence the need for a silencer.)   I have a pellet gun, but it is not powerful enough to do anything other than sting the little rascals, worse luck.   For some reason, the owls have not been making much of an impact on the population of lagomorphic prey available at The Havens..

Anyway, we are more than sufficiently supplied with rabbits this season.  We have successfully excluded them from the vegetable garden, along with the deer and the turtles, with this fence:

I’m sure that someone is going to scold me for this attitude, but there was a certain amount of rejoicing in my heart whenever I saw Smokey eating a rabbit.  My son will tell the story of when he was mowing the lawn and came across a nest of baby rabbits which he sensitively mowed around and called me to observe.   He was shocked and appalled when my response to the vision was, “Here, kitty kitty kitty.”

Anyway, the depredations of the long eared hoppers are starting to really steam me.

I have lots of lilies around the place, so when I started seeing lilies that looked like this I was willing to share those leaves and apical meristems:

It’s not like I don’t have plenty of lily blooms available and coming on.  Observe the front flower beds.

Those orange blobs are lilies, and there are very tall lily stalks in the foreground.

I started getting a little hot when I transplanted a wild daisy into the Petite Prairie.

Do you see a daisy plant?   Neither do I.  It disappeared over night, courtesy of the rabbits.   I had no idea daisies were so tasty.

I also went out and actually purchased some annual color for the sauna garden, seeing as how I have been so tardy in getting it planted up.

See that large bare spot?   If you look closely, you will see several petunias that look like this:

It’s not like there isn’t lots of clover in the lawn.  And gosh darn it, why can’t they eat all the weeds that are presenting themselves for their attentions?

I guess plantain is not as tasty as petunias.

Anyway, I’m looking to hire on a great horned owl.    A coyote passing through would be acceptable as well.   After all, this is a certified wildlife habitat, and I have plenty of prey animals available.   Bring on the predators, or I may just have to turn into one.

I’m pretty sure there are thousands of wecipes for wabbit on the world wide web.

I seem to be getting nearsighted. . .

Where is my hoe!?

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