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Flaming is a hostile and insulting interaction between Internet users, often involving the use of profanity.

Flaming usually occurs in the social context of an Internet forum, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), Usenet, by e-mail, game servers such as Xbox Live or PlayStation Network, and on video-sharing websites. It is frequently the result of the discussion of heated real-world issues such as politics, religion, and philosophy, or of issues that polarize sub-populations, but can also be provoked by seemingly trivial differences.


Of course, the above definition does not point out that often the “seemingly trivial differences” are never trivial in the eyes of the flamer.

You might wonder why I would mention flaming, and the reason, of course, is that I have been flamed recently.    I think anyone who uses the internet either has been flamed or will be sometime in the future.   The person who flamed me has done so before, and even before the internet was prevalent or we had a vernacular name for this sort of personal and vindictive attack.

My policy previously has been informed by my dear spouse, who has advised me that this person gets furious, vents, fumes, sulks (sometimes for years) and then eventually lets go of the issue and everyone can move on.   The best thing to do, he has told me, is to do nothing and not worry about the situation, which will eventually resolve.

This has indeed been the case in the past times.   The problem is, when one has been viciously attacked, even when the attacker has let it all go, it is hard to forget the previous attacks.  One tends to be on guard, and careful.   The explosion is never pleasant.

I let my guard down recently, and the inevitable attack occurred, via an email that was a huge “FUCK YOU” written with a pen dipped in poison, expressing feelings engendered by misinterpretation. It was painted in terms that were insulting and mean, and contained assumptions, inaccuracies, slurs, innuendos, and character assassination.

I have refused to respond.   And I will not.   Nothing is accomplished by flaming except the wonderful power of being able to hurt people by doing so.

Of course I was hurt, deeply, but mostly I have recovered.   At present I have found deep compassion for this person.  While my compassion is there, I have learned my lesson, finally.   I have no need to ever see this person again, or to exchange any words, nor will I.  This means that I will not have to suffer another flaming episode, as I will know not to read any further correspondence from that quarter.

I read my Tarot cards about the situation, doing a four card layout I like, called “clarification of a situation or emotional condition.”  After you select the cards, they wind up in a square layout.  The card in the North is the actual theme which is really of concern at the moment.   The West card shows what you are receptive and open to.  The South card shows what you are expressing and showing of yourself outwardly.  East is the key; pointing a way in which to overcome the problem actively.

This was the layout I got:


Honestly, I really was not expecting such a group of positive cards.  The theme card, 10 of Cups (Satiety), indicates that I should let things develop by themselves, and that everything comes to me at the right moment.   What I am open to is the 3 of Cups (Love), and indicates that I have something especially valuable to share.  I must be open for the people who can share these feelings.  They are a gift and I don’t need to look for them.  What I am expressing, Prince of Wands, indicates intensity, blossoming love, intuitive creativity, and moving out of the darkness into the light.   The key, the way to overcome the problem, is 9 of Wands (Strength).  I am advised to use the power gained through unifying conscious and unconscious energies, and demonstrate wholeness.

Nice to know that I am surrounded by love and am coming into my true power.  I certainly know I have something valuable to share!  I feel this truth more and more in my professional life.  Last week, two different people called me a miracle worker because of the effect my body work had on their health and pain levels.

A beloved, powerful, miracle worker:   I can live with that.


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I wonder if any of you are familiar with the character Gomer Pyle.   He was a naive marine recruit from Mayberry, N.C. (of the Andy Griffith show fame) who was a constant thorn in the side of his drill sergeant.   This was actually one of the shows I watched when I was a young thang, and when you read the title of this post you have to hear it with a Southern twang.

Anyway, you are probably surprised to have two posts in one day.   I have had a couple of surprises this morning.

The first was an inevitable progression.   Mallory and Impy have been playing together, chasing each other up and down the hall and batting at each other from opposite sides of the cat tree.   So I suppose I shouldn’t have been very surprised to see this this morning.

I suppose that now that I have embarrassed them by posting actual evidence of their relationship on line that they won’t sleep together for another month.

The other surprise came when I was out digging in nutrients in the garden in preparation for planting more of my winter cover crop, also sometimes called green manure.   The place I was working was the bed where I grew sweet potatoes, and imagine my surprise when I discovered that I had missed some of them in the initial harvest.  I have this vision of sweet potatoes scrunching themselves down and saying “Not me!”

Now, honestly.   I can understand how I missed tubers that were this size:

I can even rationalize a few escaping my vigilance when they have reached this proportion:

But for the LIFE of me, I cannot grasp how these monsters escaped me:


COME ON!  That one is TEN inches long.

As it was, the pile I brought into the house from the second harvest was pretty good sized.

These guys sustained a lot of damage, so I’ll be grating them up for the sweet potato slaw which is my planned contribution to the party potluck on Saturday.   That and the carrot cake which Jim has requested for a birthday cake.

Okay.   Now really, I’m done.   Really.





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When the colchicums bloom, can fall be far behind?


Things proceed apace.  this year, the Invernal Equinox and Jim’s 60th birthday coincide, so preparations for a  party this Saturday are ongoing.   Mostly this consists of cleaning house, but there has been a certain amount of mowing going on as well.

The sauna shower had to be repaired again.   It seems that when we drain the water tank the pipes do not always drain perfectly.   Then they freeze, and this does not help the faucets and shower in the least.   This installation has been repaired at least two times previously.   This iteration included the installation of heat tape on the pipes, which hopefully will solve the problem more or less permanently.

That task turned out to be more complex than one really wished, since it involved taking the hot water tank out of the sauna completely, and removing panelling to get to the pipes.  Of course, when it was all put back together there was a leak in the solder joint of one of the pipes, but this was dealt with and after three (or four — I really can’t remember) days it is all ready to go.   While he was at it, all the wood supply was removed and the sauna thoroughly cleaned so hopefully there will not be any spiders in there when we fire it up.   Not that this would be much of an issue once the sauna gets to its 180º F operating temperature, any spider so unlucky as to be living in it pretty much dies.

So while I have been cleaning house, a few truths have occurred to me.    If you want your stove to stay clean and white, don’t cook.   No matter how careful you are, a drop of spaghetti sauce will wind up on the ceiling.  (This has always been a mystery to me.)  Mother was right.   You should wipe the counters and cabinets down every evening when you are done doing dishes.   This will keep them clean and then you won’t have to spend two hours scrubbing them every two months.    (Good luck with that one)   Something will always have “stuff” on the bottom of it when you put it into the refrigerator.

Gravity is the law.   Compost happens.

Into every life a little dust must fall.  If you don’t clean it up, it will turn into a lot of dust.

I need to dust my house, but evidently I don’t “need” to do it as badly as I “need” to plant my fall cover crops…


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