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This is a follow-up on my earlier post today.   I have only one thing to say about this game.   It is addictive.  So watch out.

Floral fanfare:

Crowded dance floor:

Fanfare from the bandshell:

Less is more:

And finally, a photograph, entitled “After the Scan”:

I could probably do this all day, but I suppose I should go do something useful like pick the gherkins or walk the dog or . . . or I could go pick some blue flowers and see what I get from them.

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A new game to play

The Havens has discovered a new game to play.   I did not invent this game, I’m not sure who did.   The first time I came across it was during Carol’s Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, when Craig over at Ellis Hollow participated with not photographs of flowers in his garden, but with scans of them.   It was a novel concept for me, but I was not motivated to try it until Gardening Gone Wild issued its challenge earlier this month.

I started thinking about the whole idea, and got quite inspired.   I thought of making a Catherine Wheel of grasses and flowers, spinning and throwing off sparks.   I collected a whole fistful of grasses and came home and discovered that my scanner is not as big as I thought it was.   So I made a modified mandala, still thinking in terms of “Catherine Wheel.”   However, the results of my novice scanning indicated that there was more to this new (to me) art form than met the eye, and I found my results saying “Oh no, don’t look!”   or maybe “Get those paparazzi out of here” instead.

I liked how the passion flowers turned out.

This morning I found myself attracted to the reds and yellows of my marigolds, and bethought myself of the huge hibiscus that is blooming in the rain garden.   The yarrow makes a nice filler for this, I think.   However, next time I go out there I will be looking for a slightly smaller hibiscus flower.

The danger of this sort of game is that the gardens are in risk of being denuded of blossoms in order to feed the artist’s whimsy.

Anyway, I like this new game and will be playing it some more.

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